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Push Notification-Modern Advertising Channel!

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Push Notification-Modern Advertising Channel!

What is Push Notification and how it works?

Push notifications are a communication channel built into every mobile device sold today. They enable apps to reach out to users with short messages that users may respond to. They are notifications that can be sent to a user through a desktop web and mobile web. Web push notifications are delivered on a user’s desktop or mobile screen anytime they have their browser open despite whether or not the user is on the website.

Types of Push Notification

1.Transactional Notifications

Transactional notifications are used to send a notification to users about events upcoming. For example, If a user has ordered some book from an e-commerce application or website, they are notifying a user that their package has been shipped and will be delivered on a particular time and date. Airlines sending notification about the delay in flight and latest status of the fight.

2.System Notifications

System notifications are used to inform users about new product features or openings. For example, sending a notification to the user of a new product feature, or of a vacation or holiday discount offer. Such information when send may attract users and are having chances to conversion.

3.User Notifications

User notifications are used to send alerts or notify users of new messages received from their friends or office colleagues, such as in an e-mail or social networking application. For example, if an important message that’s awaited from a client, push notification alerts to make the further course of action saving time.

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Importance of Push Notification to Website Owners

Push-notification advertising is a modern type of advertisement, that enables advertisers to reach their target audience more efficiently and website owners to earn more without adding any banners. So fundamentally it’s a new method to monetize your website.

According to a recent study,73% of publishers are not convinced with their website monetization. They are continually seeing for new ad channels and header bidding solutions to get higher returns on cost per click or cost per impression.

Launch push-notification advertising on your website is very simple. It is more or less similar to any other type of ad types. If You have apparently tried display or native, push notification also works the same way. You just install the code of the ad network of your choice like and start getting more money.

Importance of Push Notification to Advertisers

Push notification technology is fast evolving from a simple message delivery system to a strong and interactive medium. They are the first and often most important communications channel used by apps. Almost all major app uses push notifications for transactions and re-engagement. They signify a great way to interact with your audience. According to a study made, 52% of smartphone users let push notifications on their devices, and this method can benefit businesses in the following ways:

  • Pointing users to visit your social media networks or channels.
  • Advertising your existing products and services or promoting the new ones especially ones having special offers.
  • Developing trust, loyalty and brand reputation by delivering valuable content to users.
  • Engaging users who are currently on your website.
  • Re-engagement is possible for users who have abandoned carts, especially for e-commerce applications.

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Best Practice when using Push Notification technology

An important element of notifications is that users must opt-in to receiving such messages. The number of notifications that most users get, many choose to opt-out of receiving more unless and until there is a compelling value of those notifications.

The simplest idea for an application to increase the opt-in rate is to define the value of notifications before prompting the users for notification permissions.

Using Permission Messages before showing a device Permission Requests is a genuine practice as it increases the probability that users will remain subscribed to your push notifications and find them valuable. Permission messages do the following three things

  • They inform a user of the value of subscribing to push notifications.
  • They obtain user intention with buttons like ‘Enable’ and ‘No Thanks’.
  • Trigger a Permission Request, if the user shows his preference to get such notifications. provides a modern day advertising platform where a website owner can use push notification to monetize their web traffic and advertiser can send notifications to their targetted audience and wherein the users grant permission to receive such messages.

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