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Why Google Analytics Is Important For A Website?


           The new start-ups usually don’t have the idea of google analytics. In this case, Ouriken helps you with the Analytics Solution. Ouriken will let you know its advantages. How to use it? Where to use it? and why you should use it.

 With Google Analytics you can find out the behavior of the average visitor. It is important when you have a website, to analyze your data with Google Analytics. It recreates a major part of optimizing a website. You gain insight into the behavior of the visitor, which you can adjust your website to.


By analyzing well you can find out the following things:

Through which channel the visitor comes?

How long does a visitor spend on a website on average?

The visitor does click through to other pages on the website.

You can see through which channel the conversions are made.

By regularly checking this online tool, you are more likely to increase your conversion on the website. You could already achieve this with a number of relatively simple adjustments.

Measuring Is Knowing!

An often-used term in online marketing is to measure is to know! With Google Analytics you can measure how many conversions have been made per month and where they come from. By drawing up a weekly/monthly report, you can immediately adjust the website so that the performance continues to improve.

More From Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free package that simply helps you improve your website. It is also possible to link your Analytics account with your AdWords account. giving you more insight into the effectiveness of the campaigns and keywords.

It is also possible to create custom reports, you can arrange the reports according to your own wishes so that you can find out everything in a report.

In short, Google Analytics is indispensable when you manage a website.

Tips To Increase Your Sales In E-Commerce

 E-Commerce Your webshop has been up and running for a while and everything is running fine. Yet you have the feeling that you have not got everything out of your webshop. But what can you do to change this? And how can you remove this feeling and maximize the turnover of your webshop? This is a struggle for many entrepreneurs. That is why tips have been bundled below that are guaranteed to improve your turnover in e-commerce!

Request Feedback From Your Customers :

Who better to tell you where your areas for improvement lie than your customers? People who have previously bought your products or used a service, most likely have an opinion about your webshop, service, or product. To find out, you can send a questionnaire to your customers. Set the questionnaire to anonymous, because then you will get the most honest responses. Of course, you can’t do anything with two empty questionnaires, since that is not reliable enough. Therefore, try to send around 500 questionnaires so that you can draw a reliable conclusion.

Show Recommended Products When Making A Purchase :

When a visitor makes a purchase, it is practical to see if you can recommend certain products that might make you sell more. These products must be related to the purchased product and are usually accessories.

Rewrite Your Product And Service Descriptions :

Take a look at your product descriptions. And now again. Are the lyrics attractively written? Is the SEO OK? Are all properties named? Are there no spelling errors? A spelling mistake in the description can quickly ensure that your product or service hardly sells. Imagine yourself as a customer and ask yourself questions a customer would ask: What is the delivery time? What are the shipping costs? With which products can I use the item? Make sure that all answers to possible questions can be found in your product description. You can of course also put a chatbot or a link to the FAQs page with the product.

Add A Timer :

An effective and efficient way to get visitors to buy faster is by adding a timer. For example, add a timer to products that have a temporary discount. This way you create a moment of urgency and pressure on the visitor, which will lead to a faster purchase.

Show USPs That Distinguish Your Webshop From Others :

As a webshop, you have several USPs with which you can distinguish yourself. There is a reasonable chance that a visitor will also look at e-commerce competitors before purchasing. Therefore, research your competitors’ USPs and see if you can distinguish your webshop from the rest. For e-commerce you could use these:

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow 

Choose your delivery time yourself 

Free shipping


Show Customer Reviews On Your Products :

When a visitor is about to buy a product or order a service, he/she usually scrolls past the written reviews of previous customers. This provides the visitor with a certain reassurance and can be decisive to buy a product (or not of course). Always make sure that there is an option to leave a review and that all visitors can see this.

Seasonal Promotions :

You can find a reason to organize an action throughout the year. A promotion ensures that a visitor still takes a look around the webshop for a nice deal. This will generate more revenue for you. For example, consider these types of actions:

Diwali Discount 

Christmas Discount 

Holi Discount

There are of course many more reasons to hold a promotion, so have fun!

Why Website Management Is Important?

Your competitors’ websites are not only beautiful but also offer great functionality and features. These websites are attractive because of the many reasons why they invest in them.
You may notice that your website is not very well designed or thought through. Or that your visitor numbers have been declining for a while. You could fall for one of the pitfalls that web designers try hard to avoid.
It seems that a beautiful and appealing website is no longer possible. Websites are way too dramatic now. A sloppy website can be like stealing money from the front door, as is a well-known saying. Small business owners often choose website development to save money. These small savings can cost you a lot in the long run.
So, now it has become very important to choose the best web developer with a piece of great knowledge. many questions have arisen in your mind where we will get the best developer? How can we reach them?
The Answer to all of your queries is Ouriken.

Ouriken is a platform that helps you with Strategy, Design, and Development. It gives you the best IT solutions and expert ideas, tips, and guidance.

What Is Website Management?

Before we get into the do’s and don’ts of website management, let’s first define what exactly website management is all about.
Website management is the procedure of arranging and preserving a website. Good website management is crucial to your success, whether you are a blogger or a brick-and-mortar business owner.
As Ouriken knows what is the requirement of the website holder. It helps you with all your concerns and delivers you the Best Website Management which will help you to grow your Business.

Why Is It Important?

Website management has many advantages. These are the top reasons to make website management a priority.

  1. Improved website functionality
  2. Better search engine ranking
  3. Better user experience
  4. Improved website security
  5. A better business reputation

These are the Crucial matters which could infrequently be known. As Ouriken is a Technology Company it consists of a greater understanding of it compared to different Web-Developing companies.

101 Guides to Cyber Security

Just as there are common-sense practices that everyone should follow online, particularly companies that store personal information, just like not accepting gifts from strangers. IT service organizations see some new issues emerging with online security, but the same issues also haunt consumers over and over again. There are a few recurring themes when providing assistance to workplace cybersecurity that just doesn’t go away.

And you’ll get the info about Cyber Security 101 Guides here in this article. I hope you’ll enjoy writing up and reading. Post your questions in the comment box below.

This is followed in a nutshell by online security, including what to use and what to avoid. And nearly, everything you need to learn how to set it up so that you appreciate and access the internet for the connectivity it offers. For decades, some things in the IT space have not changed, for good reason. When online, a front-line defense is necessary.

Cyber Security Basics 101: Firewalls & VPNs

If you think that firewall is dull old operating system parts, you’re wrong. The reason that they have become embedded in the IT  lexicon is that they work, they are essential, and they are now more applicable than before. Whether it’s the resident firewall required on an individual PC or a shielded network (Intranet), using a firewall remains a critical component of cybersecurity since the internet is plugged in. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is also mandatory in order to restrict access. As a firewall removes information from your device, this defense is carried offline by a VPN. Any modern business is asking for trouble without a VPNs shield. Hacking and information loss are like car accidents – fascinatingly horrible to read about, but it will never happen to you, right? Alright, note that there are thousands and thousands of people who wake up every day with the sole purpose of illegally making money online. It mostly includes data theft for illegal benefits, ransoming data, or even accessing online banking or other protocols of payment.  You don’t have to take it as personal assault – it isn’t Cybercrooks are opportunistic and you’re the target for today when you turn up on their radar without the basics in place. Do not believe that you are too small to be heard for a moment. Sadly, statistics show that is it indeed small and medium-sized enterprises that suffer the burnt of hacks.

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 Cyber Security: Threats

In short, there are various forms of digital malice. Business connectivity has become constant since the baseline – which business is not always online? – it’s making you appreciate what’s out there.


We can not expect to be cured of this dimension of cyber life just like a common cold. A virus s malicious software that affects the output of your machine, corrupting the operating system and records. They may be present without being involved, but they are usually a crippling pest again just like the flu virus.


Malware, the terms are often used interchangeably, often indistinguishable from a virus. More commonly, malware may not be corrupt systems and delete data to build your own personal nightmare, but may also contain spyware (such as key-logger apps.)


Ransomware. A step up in cheek and worthy of its own name, ransomware is malware that treats your data as delicately as you would, just to impenetrably lock it up and demand payment for its release! Ransomware attacks are often successful, as the prospect of losing or publicly releasing consumer or other personal data is grim for many businesses. When ransomware is at hand, it is best to call in experts who can assist with cybersecurity, while defining and enacting all possibilities and possible rescues.


A favorite of those launching a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, a bot (or “internet robot”) is a scheduled activity executing an application. They may also take full control of a PC, mostly responsible for removing mail addresses or financial information.


These are still hidden malware fragments that come disguised as legitimate inputs or deals, but then open a door for further operation on a computer or network. They usually steal and keep the door open for further malicious fiddling.


Worms are still around, rigger than ever before. Worms are more proactive than a blunt virus as they are typically able to travel across networks without the need for human activity and are constantly replicating themselves.


Now, sadly, spam has continued, taken over your post box from where junk mail left off. Spam mail is often the preferred way to get any of the above horrors through the firewall, more than just an irritating annoyance. Apart from spambots posting on social media and infiltrating your feeds, spam is also a big phishing tool, whereby a crook may seek to get sensitive details from you under the pretext of some fake need, connection, or enticing deal.


Cyber Safe Being and Staying

It is not difficult to take cyber security101 seriously and provides both comfort and trust when conducting digital affairs that you are secure. Reinforce passwords across all clients as a first step to secure online. Use a password maintainer that produces user and secure passwords ideally. Implement solutions for firewall, VPN and antivirus, all of which should be in operation against the backdrop of a comprehensive backup plan.

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In the Ouriken Cybersafety services area, there are many things to consider and, sadly, even the best solutions will fail unless they are extremely detailed. To ensure that you are legally and fully covered for a safe cyber life, we can help ensure the integrity of your business and the sanctity of your data with online security.

Ouriken is a standalone web design and digital agency. We design and implements powerful solutions for small and medium businesses in technology, business, and operations.

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