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Why your Business Needs Digital Marketing to Grow and Thrive?

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Why your Business Needs Digital Marketing to Grow and Thrive?

At one time online marketing was simply a new and different way to market. It opened up a new kind of media on which to trade goods and services. But in past few years, the importance of digital marketing has become something else. It’s become an indispensable part of what a business is to its clients. It’s no longer sufficient to have a website or run any un-focused AdWords campaign. If you don’t have integrated digital marketing solution working for your business then time is working against you because of it. As the Internet grows twisted with everything we do, the value of digital marketing is becoming crystal clear. The main benefit of digital marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in an economical and measurable way. Other digital marketing advantages add increasing brand loyalty and pushing online sales.

Let’s take a look at why your business requires digital marketing to grow and succeed.

Advanced Analytics

Digital Marketing helps you know the following about your ads and user:

  • You can know whether they viewed or not. But in the case of TV ads, you don’t even know that much. The TV might be on mute or they could have been in some other room.
  • If they  interacted with the ad after viewing
  • Have they shown a liking for the ad by checking the likes?
  • If they shared the ad with friends or family which itself gives an indirect boost to the ad.
  • If they click on some action button mentioned on the ad.
  • We can also track the demographics of the viewers as this is much easier to track with free analytics tools provided by Google like Google Analytics. Also, there are many paid tools available which even give more insights.

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When your client database is linked to your website, then whenever someone visits your website, you can welcome them with your targeted offers. The more they purchase from you, the more you can improve your customer profile and business effectively and efficiently to them. With the help of digital marketing services, you can build a very strong presence on social media platforms. Also by getting connected with social media and handling it carefully, you can develop customer loyalty and build a reputation for being easy to engage with.
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Easy to Scale & Adapt

With any marketing campaign or tool to run, there’s initial investment needed to get traffic streaming to your business. But the effect of a digital marketing plan for small businesses becomes very obvious when you see how simple it is to scale and adapt as your business develops and grows. For instance, with social media campaigns, you can choose a daily budget with display ads and search ads. Which will help you know exactly how much that campaign will cost you. You start seeing amazing results and you also need not have to go and renegotiate an ad spot to keep the ad going. Your ad remains uninterrupted. As you continue to convert that traffic, you just increase your everyday spend and revenues with it. And If something is not working in your marketing campaign, you do not have to wait for the ad agreement to run out. Also, you don’t have to start from scratch. Since you have got the control and power so you need to just make a few small changes and re-launch the ad. The importance of digital marketing rests in the fact that you can get on-the-spot results. Analyze data and bring changes quick to decrease wasted ad spend and spent revenues. This proves to us how digital marketing solutions for a small business.

Best ROI

Email marketing is one marketing method which as the highest ROI. It can show great results for the business. It is a conversion machine. But you need to build your email list with quality subscribers. Then deliver very relevant and quality content to a subscriber’s inbox. This is usually achieved through a blend of social media marketing and content marketing. But these marketing methods have an effective ROI of their own. Content marketing can create three times the leads for about 62% less than traditional marketing. When we talk about leads we are just not talking about website traffic but they are likely to buy your product and become loyal consumers as you nourish that relationship.

Social media can give indirect ROI at times. Forbes study observed that companies using social media exceed 78% of businesses when compared to ones who don’t use social media. IBM noticed that a lead which comes in through social media is seven times more likely to convert into a paying customer. That also means it is more likely that you are spending less money when trying to convert people who will never develop as paying customers. The ultimate priority as a small business is cost-effectiveness. Every Rupee you spend matters. You need to know it is going to give you an ROI. That is the value of digital marketing to small business.

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Global Influence

A website empowers you to discover new markets and trade globally with only a small investment. The growth of digital and social media marketing has motivated brands to adopt global marketing at a very deeper level.  The lines between separate markets have become smudged. Digital Marketing campaigns appeared in one region surely ‘leak’ to others via social media channels, as are the people’s comments, feedback, and opinions, whether positive or negative.

This approach has worked especially well for certain brands. For instance, Coca-Cola established the initial concept of global marketing and has maintained to hold its slogans universal over the years. From slogans like ‘Have a Coke and smile’ in 1979 to ‘Can’t Beat The Feeling’ in 1989 and ‘Always Coca-Cola’ in 1993, its taglines attracted to its audience’s emotions – universally so. Similarly, Nike has also placed the bar pretty high when it comes to embracing digital as a platform to accelerate global campaigns. A shift positively occurred when Nike launched the Nike iD online store, that allows customers to customize their own shoes. It was a success, with sales reaching above $100 million in a few years. Nike has not looked back since then.

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