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Why You Should Adopt An Agile Working Methodology?

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Why You Should Adopt An Agile Working Methodology?

Agile Working Methodology is a way of thinking, working, and organizing. It allows organizations to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the outside world. Customer satisfaction is paramount, especially in light of company well-being and healthy results.

          Nowadays Agile working is often applied in organizations; efficiency and effectiveness are central to this working method. Why should you also consider Agile working? Here are the reasons you should consider using this technique in your organization.

  1. Increased Product/Service Quality

Logically, a customer does not want to buy bad products, but developers within a Scrum team do not want to deliver a bad product anymore. By working in Agile, developers have plenty of time to focus on developing the product, while other team members worry about peripheral issues. As a result, the product will be delivered on time and of high quality.

  1. Predictability Is Made Possible By Agile Working

Where organizations were previously able to provide few details about the delivery time, making the switch to Agile makes the development process more transparent: customers know exactly how long it takes to develop a product and what to expect from it. With sprints as a guideline, the delivery rhythm of a Scrum team is extremely predictable. That’s what makes it so pleasant for customers.

  1. Creating The Right Products/Services

Although this reason is very similar to the previous one, there is certainly an important difference. It is possible that a Scrum team builds exactly what the customer asks for, but that this product is put into use in a completely different way than was intended beforehand. So no value is created for the customer, even though that is precisely the goal. By delivering a partial product after each sprint and then improving it, the Scrum team has a better idea of ​​the customer’s actual wishes and what the product is ultimately used for.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

Although Agile is not a panacea, customers do have the opportunity to follow the development process of the product. The Scrum team remains in constant communication with the customer to deliver the best possible product together. In addition, you make a customer extra happy when a team can add new functions to an existing product or service.

  1. Agile Working Reduces The Risks

When an organization starts working with Agile, this has a direct effect on reducing the risks related to the delivery of wrong products and/or services. Agile itself is risk management. Because partial products are presented to the customer every 2 – 4 weeks and immediate feedback is given, the chance that an incorrect end product will ultimately be delivered is greatly reduced.

  1. Faster Time To Market

A common problem that organizations encounter is the lengthy delivery period. This regularly results in the delivery of wrong products or services that the customer is no longer interested in. By working Agile you avoid this issue completely because a delivery period of 2 – 4 weeks is used.

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