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3 Steps to ensure that your Cloud Data is Secured

Back in January 2018, LogicMonitor conducted a study – Cloud Vision 2020: The Future of Cloud – which estimates that 83 percent of the workloads of companies will shift to the cloud by 2020. The report also addresses serious data security issues associated with this huge cloud revolution.

According to the same report, after transferring their company data into the cloud, 66 percent of IT professionals assume that security is their biggest concern. The figures that vary over time, but the study points to increasing concern about cloud computing techniques and why protection is not adequate for cloud providers.

Measures for maintaining data security in the cloud

Cloud computing enables companies of all sizes with minimal investment in IT infrastructure to run and scale seamlessly. Nonetheless, taking into account the many risks and threats to cloud security, especially for companies from highly regulated industries such as banking, healthcare, and insurance, it is important to take multiple measures to protect data.

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Implement a management system for identification and access

The aim of an Identity and Access Management (IAM) program is to ensure that the right people have access to the company’s right assets. An IAM solution is a critical part of the security strategy of an organization in today’s digitally connected world. Use single sign-on (SSO) systems, multi-factor authentication, and privileged access management, an IAM system helps an organization monitor and control user access. The right IAM solutions help companies to promote safe and efficient access to technology services across a variety of systems while providing a number of benefits, such as:

  • Easy to access to services through a centralized portal for users to access them.
  • Reducing the cost of protection because of a single IAM program handles all user access, enabling administrators to concentrate on other work besides security.
  • Better data protection approach through the integrated authentication and authorization capabilities available on a single platform.

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Continue to test the safety measures

While keeping up with the times and constantly updating security measures is important, keeping a check on current measures is also essential. IP addresses, and so on, maybe costly but, relative to the damages that a company might suffer in the case of a cyberattack, it’s minimal. This year, massive data breaches have occurred, causing companies and government agencies to rely more than ever on their data security. The testing of existing security systems is one of the first areas of focus necessary to prevent such breaches. That’s why all sorts of companies are gradually working with white hats or ethical hackers fo in-depth security assessments.

As a bonus, regular testing of your cloud security measures will make a huge difference, not only to ensure security but also to enhance system performance as a whole.

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Consider the potential of an in-house assault

There is a tendency to believe that only outsiders can launch an attack on your enterprise when it comes to data breaches. The entire act of taking strict security measures can be made meaningless by not realizing that an attacker might be responsible for compromising your data.

An attack within the company is not unheard of – indeed, as stated by Cybersecurity Insiders’ 2019 Insider Threat Survey, 70 percent of companies experience indoor attacks very regularly. In the past 15 months, at least one Identity and Access Management system such an attack has been encountered by 60 percent of these organizations. Regardless of the sector in which it operates, the risk of internal attacks should not be taken lightly – particularly given that such violations can often go undetected. Make sure that no user should have access rights beyond the scope of their job to protect the company from internal breaches. Make sure that no user should have access rights beyond the scope of their job to protect the company from internal breaches. This limitation covers computers and software. Remove access to services that are outdated and be prompt when an employee leaves to revoke all access privileges. In addition, place a limit on which data applications the employee/user can access from and through which computer they can access it.


Training users or workers is also important in order to prevent any unintentional leakage of sensitive data. Be consistent with the training and keep up-to-date with development. Our technology consultants and cloud transformation specialists at Ouriken ensure that in every approach we offer data security is an important consideration.

Ouriken’s cloud consulting services identify and prioritize cloud applications, optimization, cloud migration which helps your business. Our cloud security services experience ahs also led to our Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution being developed to do what’s right to protect your data, contact us today!

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Things to Consider for Successful Cloud Migration Testing

If you have been following us, you will know that we discussed the methods which can be used in the cloud migration process itself. But most of the tines it may happen that the process of execution according to us happened correctly and efficiently, whereas, unless we test it thoroughly we cannot just assume that its concrete and it needs constant attention and maintenance to run smoothly. That is why just as we do software testing, we have to do the cloud migration testing. And in this blog, we’re going to address the testing considerations for cloud migration.

A comprehensive testing plan is crucial for the migration’s success, once you have decided to move your business to the cloud. The cloud migration process will help you to ensure that you do not face server breakdown issues, database glitches and other errors that can impede a successful cloud migration.

Focus for Cloud Migration Success

The main focus of cloud migration testing is on the various validations required to ensure its success.

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Functional Testing

The production-readiness of the migrated applications is tested in functional validation. For ts various aspects a detailed analysis is performed and checked for SLA compliance. Perform end-to-end validation of the applications’ functions to ensure the success of your migration

  • Checking if the desired output is generating for a valid and required input.
  • Checking if the service integrations with other applications are complete.
  • Checking if the object references are working as expected.
  • Checking if the cross-platform compatibility is ensured.

Integration Testing

To ensure your applications are integrated seamlessly with third-party applications and that communication between them is happening without and issues is an integral part of migration testing. Strikeout the dependencies between applications, and various SLAs that each application comes with. The migration process tends to become more complicated if you are migrating one or more applications. Just consider these following validations to simplify the process.

  • For integration testing, what interfaces and systems should be covered?
  • For validation and integration testing, what are the resources needed?
  • To develop and execute tests with third-party applications, what plan is in place?
  • How will the identification of coordination problems in the cloud environment?

Many Cloud consulting service providers also provide integration validation as an add-on to their services, which help ensure error-free integration testing.

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Security Testing

In the beginning, the biggest discouragement for organizations to move their operations to the cloud was concern over security. Backed up by several advancements in the field, cloud security now has features that can prevent even sophisticated attacks from gaining access to your data and applications. Consider the following while y perform security validation:

  • Make sure that your cloud network can be accessed only by authorized users.
  • Take preventive measures against common attacks, and ensure that the measures are working properly.
  • Validation of data security is important In rest, in use and during transit.

A few other aspects of security testing include data security, privacy testing, business process security, and application security.

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Performance Testing

Determining the performance and response time of the applications moved to the cloud is important for determining migration success. This step will also help you in optimizing the workload across resources. These are the things you should consider while performing performance validation.

  • Checking if the application architecture is supported by the cloud.
  • As per SLAs, we have to validate response times.
  • Load testing must be performed in parallel to understand how your services perform under various load types.


Cloud migration is often tricky to execute despite having all that help organization can get on paper, cloud migration is often tricky to execute and can result in more problems than benefits if used misleadingly. Hence, it is important and advisable to understand why to bring a team of testing professionals on-board for a successful migration.

Ouriken is a standalone web design and digital agency. We design and implements powerful solutions for small and medium businesses in technology, business, and operations. Our cloud consulting services identify and prioritize cloud applications, optimization, cloud migration which helps your business.


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3 Best Cloud Migration Strategies You Must Know About

For Business purposes companies nowadays have adopted cloud computing platform. There are hardly any companies we’ll find wh does not use cloud today, such as the popularity of cloud. For the successful run of business, there might be many reasons but it is essential to migrate to the cloud platforms in cloud consulting services.

Why Should We Migrate?

As the introduction and updation of newer technologies take place, it is highly recommended to use and adopt these technologies n order to stay in the competition. IT does have many advantages in terms of speed, storage, processing of data, cost and much more it’s the go-to platform every company is adopting right now. Migration isn’t something which can be done overnight, significant planning is required wit required resources. Inclusion of planning should be why you want to shift, what you’re keeping with you, and where is the destination where you will keep all the data again. Let’s dive deep into the strategies.

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With the necessary resources, the planning of migration is concrete, for achieving the desired result, we can follow a strategy. Though there are many strategies we can use to complete the job, today we will look at the three R’s of the cloud migration strategy. It is very essential to determine the current environment,  its dependencies, licenses, types of applications and servers. Organizations that opt for the migration of data and applications to the cloud use these strategies. They are as follows:

  • Rehost
  • Revise
  • Refractor


It’s also known as “lift and shift strategy”. This is the most commonly followed strategy when the applications are needed to migrate to the cloud. Involvement of lifting a part of the application or whole application from one on-premise or existing cloud environment and shifting it to another cloud environment, that is why the name. in the process of shifting of an application to the new cloud platform, sometimes there is a need for change in the host configuration. Is your business concerned about operational cost and quick migration without any need of disturbing the existing application workflow?


Unlike the rehosting strategy, in this strategy, a part or whole application is optimized before migrating to the cloud. This strategy is also known as “re-platforming”.  Preoptimization of application really helps in better performance of application rather than improving the entire code architecture. Organizations can leverage more cloud benefits by optimizing the applications rather than just moving them, but rehosting is way cheaper as compared to revising strategy.

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Not at all similar to the other two strategies. It is too complex as compared to rehosting and revising. It is also known as “re-architecting” because even though this strategy is the most expensive one amongst all three, but it offers the best possible benefits when it comes to cloud migration of data and application in an organization and the refractor approach makes changes to architecture structure of the application. The requirement of time, as well as knowledge about the cloud platform itself, is necessary for the refractor approach and services offered.

There are two types in this strategy namely, partial and complete. In Partial refractor, only a part of the application is modified, since it happens in sequence it results in faster migration whereas, in complete refractor approach, the entire modification of application takes place, which is pocket-friendly and high in performance.

Cloud Migration Strategies


It is not easy to choose an appropriate migration strategy for an organization. Many factors must be considered before taking a decision which includes the right cloud service provider, optimization of necessary application processes, migration strategy, overhead, costs, and more.

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Ouriken’s cloud consulting services identify and prioritize cloud applications, optimization, cloud migration which helps your business. Ouriken is a standalone web design and digital agency. We design and implements powerful solutions for small and medium businesses in technology, business, and operations.