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3 Best Cloud Migration Strategies You Must Know About

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3 Best Cloud Migration Strategies You Must Know About

For Business purposes companies nowadays have adopted cloud computing platform. There are hardly any companies we’ll find wh does not use cloud today, such as the popularity of cloud. For the successful run of business, there might be many reasons but it is essential to migrate to the cloud platforms in cloud consulting services.

Why Should We Migrate?

As the introduction and updation of newer technologies take place, it is highly recommended to use and adopt these technologies n order to stay in the competition. IT does have many advantages in terms of speed, storage, processing of data, cost and much more it’s the go-to platform every company is adopting right now. Migration isn’t something which can be done overnight, significant planning is required wit required resources. Inclusion of planning should be why you want to shift, what you’re keeping with you, and where is the destination where you will keep all the data again. Let’s dive deep into the strategies.

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With the necessary resources, the planning of migration is concrete, for achieving the desired result, we can follow a strategy. Though there are many strategies we can use to complete the job, today we will look at the three R’s of the cloud migration strategy. It is very essential to determine the current environment,  its dependencies, licenses, types of applications and servers. Organizations that opt for the migration of data and applications to the cloud use these strategies. They are as follows:

  • Rehost
  • Revise
  • Refractor


It’s also known as “lift and shift strategy”. This is the most commonly followed strategy when the applications are needed to migrate to the cloud. Involvement of lifting a part of the application or whole application from one on-premise or existing cloud environment and shifting it to another cloud environment, that is why the name. in the process of shifting of an application to the new cloud platform, sometimes there is a need for change in the host configuration. Is your business concerned about operational cost and quick migration without any need of disturbing the existing application workflow?


Unlike the rehosting strategy, in this strategy, a part or whole application is optimized before migrating to the cloud. This strategy is also known as “re-platforming”.  Preoptimization of application really helps in better performance of application rather than improving the entire code architecture. Organizations can leverage more cloud benefits by optimizing the applications rather than just moving them, but rehosting is way cheaper as compared to revising strategy.

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Not at all similar to the other two strategies. It is too complex as compared to rehosting and revising. It is also known as “re-architecting” because even though this strategy is the most expensive one amongst all three, but it offers the best possible benefits when it comes to cloud migration of data and application in an organization and the refractor approach makes changes to architecture structure of the application. The requirement of time, as well as knowledge about the cloud platform itself, is necessary for the refractor approach and services offered.

There are two types in this strategy namely, partial and complete. In Partial refractor, only a part of the application is modified, since it happens in sequence it results in faster migration whereas, in complete refractor approach, the entire modification of application takes place, which is pocket-friendly and high in performance.

Cloud Migration Strategies


It is not easy to choose an appropriate migration strategy for an organization. Many factors must be considered before taking a decision which includes the right cloud service provider, optimization of necessary application processes, migration strategy, overhead, costs, and more.

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