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Tips To Increase Your Sales In E-Commerce

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Tips To Increase Your Sales In E-Commerce

 E-Commerce Your webshop has been up and running for a while and everything is running fine. Yet you have the feeling that you have not got everything out of your webshop. But what can you do to change this? And how can you remove this feeling and maximize the turnover of your webshop? This is a struggle for many entrepreneurs. That is why tips have been bundled below that are guaranteed to improve your turnover in e-commerce!

Request Feedback From Your Customers :

Who better to tell you where your areas for improvement lie than your customers? People who have previously bought your products or used a service, most likely have an opinion about your webshop, service, or product. To find out, you can send a questionnaire to your customers. Set the questionnaire to anonymous, because then you will get the most honest responses. Of course, you can’t do anything with two empty questionnaires, since that is not reliable enough. Therefore, try to send around 500 questionnaires so that you can draw a reliable conclusion.

Show Recommended Products When Making A Purchase :

When a visitor makes a purchase, it is practical to see if you can recommend certain products that might make you sell more. These products must be related to the purchased product and are usually accessories.

Rewrite Your Product And Service Descriptions :

Take a look at your product descriptions. And now again. Are the lyrics attractively written? Is the SEO OK? Are all properties named? Are there no spelling errors? A spelling mistake in the description can quickly ensure that your product or service hardly sells. Imagine yourself as a customer and ask yourself questions a customer would ask: What is the delivery time? What are the shipping costs? With which products can I use the item? Make sure that all answers to possible questions can be found in your product description. You can of course also put a chatbot or a link to the FAQs page with the product.

Add A Timer :

An effective and efficient way to get visitors to buy faster is by adding a timer. For example, add a timer to products that have a temporary discount. This way you create a moment of urgency and pressure on the visitor, which will lead to a faster purchase.

Show USPs That Distinguish Your Webshop From Others :

As a webshop, you have several USPs with which you can distinguish yourself. There is a reasonable chance that a visitor will also look at e-commerce competitors before purchasing. Therefore, research your competitors’ USPs and see if you can distinguish your webshop from the rest. For e-commerce you could use these:

Ordered today, delivered tomorrow 

Choose your delivery time yourself 

Free shipping


Show Customer Reviews On Your Products :

When a visitor is about to buy a product or order a service, he/she usually scrolls past the written reviews of previous customers. This provides the visitor with a certain reassurance and can be decisive to buy a product (or not of course). Always make sure that there is an option to leave a review and that all visitors can see this.

Seasonal Promotions :

You can find a reason to organize an action throughout the year. A promotion ensures that a visitor still takes a look around the webshop for a nice deal. This will generate more revenue for you. For example, consider these types of actions:

Diwali Discount 

Christmas Discount 

Holi Discount

There are of course many more reasons to hold a promotion, so have fun!

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