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On-Page Optimization Tactic that Google Opposes

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On-page optimization refers to the behavior taken within a website to boost its ranking on a search result page. Meta, H1, content optimization, alt tags, and other steps are examples of these. All of the above points were worked on by an SEO specialist.

White Hat SEO Services is time-consuming for an SEO specialist to introduce, but it pays off in the long run. It calls for the following:
->Plan of Action
->Keyword Research in on-page optimization
-> Unique and High-Quality content
-> Link Building Strategy
-> SEO friendly web design

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In this blog, we are giving information about On-page optimization techniques that Google opposes:


Cloaking is the method in which search engines show that the website carries content that is different from what the user sees.

2.Spam Footers

The value of footers on a website cannot be overstated. It allows visitors to learn more about the company, such as about the company, privacy policy, copyrights, how to reach us, and so on. Use tags and ties sparingly. Social networking links must be included in the footer of the website. Footers are a very important part of the website. It allows visitors to know more about the website or a company like about us, Copyright policies, contact us, and many more. Avoid using links and tags. Your website must include social media links.

3. Unwanted Internal Linking

Internal linking is a term used in SEO to describe how search engines and visitors follow links between web pages. With the anchor text to relevant information, try to provide important information. Make good use of keyword linking so that when users click on the link, they get useful information.

4.Keyword Targeting

A keyword is a search term that brought people to your website. The keyword must be included in the content on the web pages. If at all possible, avoid using a technical word that the consumer is unfamiliar with. Conduct thorough keyword and competitor analysis to ensure that you are assisting people in overcoming their obstacles.

5.Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the practice of finding and repeating keywords in the material that they want to rank with. To prevent keyword stuffing, make sure the page’s content is relevant to the title, applicable steps after reading the content, and the keywords used on the page. Make sure you’re not keyword stuffing and that you’re delivering real value. Hire an SEO Specialist from Digital Marketing for the best results.

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Avoid these Google-banned on-page optimization techniques. Consider what is better from the user’s point of view. If you’re stuck, seek advice from an SEO expert for the best SEO services.

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