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Top Lead Generation Techniques to be considered in 2021

The COVID-19 has heavily affected every small, medium, and large company with more than 9,000+ new cases every day worldwide. Because when this pandemic stops, there are no definitive forecasts, entrepreneurs are searching for strategies for lead generation to preserve business continuity at this time of crisis.

Leads are in general, the introduction of the interest of a client in any of your goods or services. You will cultivate the leads and turn them into long-term loyal customers by making constant, strategized efforts.

You have to select all the best channels to communicate with the right audience and convince them to become active ambassadors of your business similar to a fisherman who narrowly spreads the net on all four corners of the water body.

In this blog, we have explained how lead generation activities will contribute to your business growth during unprecedented times. Also, we have compiled various types of lead generation techniques that will bring fruitful outcomes.

How Lead Generation works?

You have to create good exposure on those channels after finding the right channels to stay in contact with your audience. For instance, nowadays most individuals consume social media. Think of the various ways to advertise the organization on social networks.

Your next goal should be to obtain your visitors’ contact details once you receive traffic to your website. Like you can ask your guests to include their email ID to access gated content such as case studies, e-books, webinars, etc.

The lead generation concept can be carried out in two methods, inbound and outbound, depending on the platform you prefer.

Our in-depth understanding helped us to compile the best channels to generate leads online & offline. To explore how you can make the best use of each platform, keep reading.

What is inbound Lead Generation?

Inbound lead generation is an efficient method in which you pull your target audience through useful content and efficient SEO practices into your market.

Effective ways of Generating Inbound Leads

Here we have mentioned a few inbound result-driving techniques that lead to your sales funnel through which you can capture efficiency.


You don’t need to force the audience into your company through blogs, instead, they will voluntarily be invited to work with you. Any post that is heavily written about addressing user issues never fails to draw the attention of the reader.

There are chances that when readers are happy with your answers/solutions, they can look out to meet you!

Therefore, blog content marketing is a budget-friendly strategy from which you can boost traffic and contribute to your website.


People usually fall in love with animated graphics, aesthetic pictures, and other elements that are visually appealing. In certain cases, the audience is not interested in obtaining information from posts.

This is where the scene is penetrated by visuals. Visuals such as maps, graphics, infographics, videos, etc. improve readership by 80%. There are better chances to represent your thoughts and inform your prospects by creating eye-catchy visuals.

Case Studies

In general, potential customers decided to work with a company that effectively addresses the customers’ pain points. Case studies are an important source of promotion in which you can explain how the major and minor problems encountered by your customers have been treated and resolved.

They will trust your brand as potential leads go through your case studies and decide to work with you to take advantage of your goods and services. Try therefore to write more case studies to expose to your prospects your valuable work.

Also, if you need to get more information about the methods and techniques we use, we have written a lot of case studies, then check our case study page.


No doubt, webinars are a powerful magnet through which prospective leads can be drawn to become part of your business. A webinar is the best way of producing high-quality leads, 73 percent of B2B marketers and sales leaders claim. When it comes to webinars, a promotion at the right time through the correct channels helps you achieve your goals for the webinar.

If you arrange a webinar correctly at least 3 weeks in advance and do the right promotion, it will be easier. This is because about 54% of webinar registration takes place at least eight days before the event, and 46% of registration takes place within a week of the event.

In reality, through his webinars, Neil Patel, the king of digital marketing, created 518,399 visitors and 16,394 leads to his website.

You can get customer contact information by sharing your experiences via webinars, and communicate with your customers to push leads to your sales funnel.

Video Funnels

If you look from the shoes of the consumers in today’s fast-paced world, it is really bitter for customers to read the long product details or dig deep into your service website. If you want to open the audience’s minds and engage them with your brand, then the keys are videos!

In addition, videos are a win-win ingredient. Consumers and advertisers alike have strong enthusiasm for videos. Consumers like videos, as video material is digestible, entertaining, and engaging. On the other side, because they have a big return on investment (ROI), marketers love videos.

More than 79 percent of internet users have a YouTube account of their own. The YouTube platform is optimised by top-leading digital marketing experts. On his YouTube channel, for example, Brian Dean, the SEO expert, has more than 367K+ subscribers.

You can push your YouTube subscribers to your email list through consistent efforts and smart strategies, and inspire them to leverage your goods and services. Click on the link if you’d like to visit our YouTube channel.


All the knowledge about a subject through small content such as blogs, infographics, etc is possibly a daunting challenge to cover.

One of the content marketing practises by which you can illustrate a subject in depth is e-books. It’s an undeniable fact that an e-book can only be written by experts with in-depth knowledge of a specific topic. So the consumer will trust you as a well-experienced brand in the industry when you publish e-books.


Podcasts have become an important part of everyday life, and people prefer to listen to podcasts without interrupting their normal activities while doing their daily chores. Up to a third of American adults between the ages of 25 and 34 are podcast listeners, according to Music Oomph.

There are about 80 million business pages on Facebook, but there are just 700,000 podcasts on the air. Podcasts only have less competition compared to other content marketing channels and allow you to quickly gain attention among a small crowd of competitors.

Plus, since mobile-friendly podcasts can be built, it stretches a broad path to reach the mobile audience. Clearly, about 69% of podcast listeners are on their mobile devices.

Podcasts serve as an interactive marketing feature that enables hosts, similar to a conventional radio show, to build surveys, respond to questions, and attend audio calls. You can raise the level of engagement of your listeners through podcasts and create a loyal following.

Social Media

Surprisingly, most individuals use social media to follow a brand. Therefore it is a wise move to generate an inbound lead to your company via social media.

Here’s a famous Birchbox beauty brand that utilises Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. They post colourful product photos and invite the public to try their samples at no cost. If you like it you can purchase one after consuming the stuff, paying the actual cost.


All the efforts you put on blogs, social media posts, infographics, podcasts, and others could go in vain without an active SEO practise. There are chances for you to achieve better rankings on SERPs only when you optimise your content according to the guidelines and algorithms.

Runner’s World, for example, optimised its content according to Google guidelines and was able to spot organic rankings and snippets featured.

What are Outbound Lead generation techniques?
Outbound lead generation refers to the strategic method of reaching the target audience through successful billboards for ads, emails, phone calls, etc.

Effective Ways of generating Outbound Lead Generation

Cold Email

A cost-effective and high ROI outbound marketing strategy is cold email. Ambition, a sales performance management software company, may for example, get 73 new leads from a cold email campaign out of 572 total prospects.

Justin McGill was able to expand his company to $30k MRR/month by sending the audience cold emails. Also with their mobile app cold email campaign, Crazy Eye marketing received open rates of 50 percent and response rates of 10 percent.

These B2B accomplishments show that cold emails are a great outbound lead magnet that can drive the efficiency of your sales funnel.

Direct Email

Direct mail requires the delivery of a piece of physical mail via mail service providers to the clients or prospects.

Ulta Cosmetics, a beauty franchise in the United States for example, has agreed to increase its customer retention. It launched a direct mail campaign for this which included aggressive prices and a new weekly voucher for taking in and redeeming prospects.

This resulted in 82% of both Ulta Beauty and their top competitor customers being motivated, citing that Ulta’s regular discounts and points system kept them coming back.

Direct mail marketing is one of the great methods of lead generation from which you can physically meet clients. You will also have the full influence on who receives your letter, at what time it should be sent, and how many individuals you should meet.

Trade Shows

A trade show is an event where companies meet to learn, find goods to purchase and promote their own products and services in the same industry.

Aqua Paw attended the Global Pet Expo here to increase awareness of their new product and probably create ties within the pet industry. Aqua Paw won the New Product Showcase Winner’s award at this trade show, which again helped raise awareness of their brand.

As trade shows are open only to registered audiences, reputable representatives of the organisation or members of the press, you will meet the audience and have a productive conversation.

It’s easy to introduce paid ads where you can set up a campaign on your favourite ad network and only pay when someone clicks your ad. Some of the biggest advertisement channels that you can use to drive loads of traffic back to your website are Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Uber, for instance, pays for ads across social media sites and across several web pages. If you visit a travel-related website or a travel blog, Uber’s paid ads can be found on those platforms.

Over to You – Choose the Best Lead Generation Approach that Captures Quality Leads to Your Sales Funnel

To push future leads into your sales funnel, we have discussed possible inbound and outbound lead generation approaches. Now it’s all your part to choose the right ones based on the requirements and goals of your company.

Lead generation is the initial phase you take to expand your company’s growth. Lead generation is the mechanism by which your goods and services are stimulated by the desires of your future audience.

How to create an FAQ page that generates more leads?

A FAQ or frequently asked questions are the set of questions which customers have in their minds when they see your website or they are confused about your product or services, let’s put it simply, no matter how good your content is, people will still have questions. If we take the words literally, frequently asked questions are questions your business receives from the customers and prospects. So you’ll ask how FAQs will help you to generate more leads?

The answer is simple, but first, let’s understand what a lead means. Someone who is interested in what your business is and what is it that you are selling to them. Lead generation, on the other hand, is a process where we find out who those people are who are interested in your product and we help them to find us. FAQs are the type of simple questions that customers have in their minds and once they find the FAQ page they will know what they want to know without actually going anywhere and sometimes customers get irritated if they don’t find FAQ page on the website.

Marketers have been using ways to communicate and answer the questions which they want to be answered like blogs, contact us page, and customer support. But the most effective way to answer all the questions is integrating a FAQ page on the website. So how do we create an FAQ page that compels the visitor’s interests? Some of the advantages of creating a FAQ page is we could actually save the visitor’s time and giving them all the answers in one place rather than they contact us for literally everything. It also increases our SEO, visitors will be able to trust us, and most important of all it helps to build internal links to our website.

So, how to create an FAQ page?

We have to create the questions in such a way that the visitor understands the product or services and also get the answers which he came looking for. Here is the example of the FAQ page template.

Generate more leads with FAQ page

Start With Questions Which Really Matters

When we see other best FAQs for reference, we will find some really basic questions and you’ll think why this question is added in this list, but remember that list is a well thought and strategically implemented. There is a lot of brainstorming involved in creating an FAQ page; professional design agencies take their sweet time to identify the most common issues. The data which we can look into is some of the customers who left the page at checkout or some initial visitors who found some problems on the website or the product or any issue they are facing.

 Knowing the intent of the customer is very important if they don’t get what they came for they will choose someone else who is offering the same product. Another way to find out questions is to ask your family or friends to visit your website and ask them if they have any issues while navigating. If you have customer support teams ask them to provide questions as well and some questions will come via email, so wait for like a month to know almost every issue and note down most appearing questions and include them in the FAQ page. When you get all the questions, it’s very important to organize those questions. Most asked questions are always placed on top and least asked questions are placed at the bottom since the top placed questions are asked very frequently so it must be answered quickly. After organizing the questions, answer those in detail and on point. Answer only what’s asked, there is no need to provide extra information about something, if that is the case, make that a separate question. Sometimes a question is required to send a link in terms of an answer, so we can do it too.

Create Conversational Answers

Logically organized FAQ pages are the best, try creating a long FAQ page so that it’s easier to create multiple topics on a single page. How do we solve the problem by cutting it into smaller problems, in the same way, we shall break down the questions into smaller categories so that the customer finds his answer. Avoid using jargon, try to explain everything in the simplest manner possible, there is a possibility that the customer ends up on the FAQ page already irritated and he finds a bunch of jargon which he won’t understand to make more irate further losing a sale.

Keep in mind you are providing answers to humans, so try to make the answers conversational and short, because less is more. And if your FAQ page is conversational and easy to understand, then the possibility of getting discovered on Google increases. The more ‘How To..?’ questions, the better and answer them in favor of your business like, ‘You should’ or ‘We offer’. For example,

                Q: How do I know if there is a free trial for this product?

                A: We offer a free trial of 30 days. For more information, visit the website (share link).

Point is, do not make the FAQ boring and tedious. Think about in a way that your FAQ page is the voice of your brand which is communicating with the visitors or customers, so make sure your tone of the language doesn’t seem dull or dry. By doing this you will make the visitor comfortable and also build trust in him of your brand. Place the FAQ page where the visitor or customer can find it easily. Write your answers in such a way that it should resonate with the potential customer.

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Keep Your Answers Short

Following the above point might get you to write a brief answer sometime which most of the customers don’t want, they come to the FAQ page to search for quick resolution, so conversational yes, but lengthy answers, NO! Customers don’t have much time to call the business up for small problems and they do not like being put on hold. Even if you write a lengthy answer, customers will skim down to the important point of the answer, so favor them by already stating what they want to. Keep your paragraph of answers short, about 4-5 lines and try avoiding complex sentences.

There comes a time when you have to write a lengthy answer, you can use bullet points to make the customer understand his issue and how to solve it or another best strategy is to provide link of the help and support pages, it’s a good thing for your website as well because it creates internal backlinking. By doing all this, your FAQ page will look tidy and clutter-free. But in order to generate potential leads provide the link of the main product page or link your landing page in the answer. If you want Google to link your site to relevant Google searches, make a landing page for each page on the website also increasing internal linking.  If you have any negative questions in the FAQ page which is okay, just frame the answer in a positive manner and straightforward answers are appreciated. We cannot ignore those questions because visitors will divert those questions to social media, and there is a possibility of them getting the wrong answers.

FAQs to generate more leads


Try to make your negative questions your strength by stating some of the unique features of the product which may be no one are providing in the market or your quality of the product is better as compared to your competitors. By answering these risky questions in a positive manner will deepen the trust of potential customers in brand thinking. And there are also some questions that may not be answered via plain text or website link. In that case, we can use multimedia as our option, meaning we can also use pictures, GIFs, info-graphics, charts, and videos to convey the message.

Include a Call-To-Action

Even though it’s not that necessary, but adding a call to action button like ‘Buy Now’, ‘Get Started’, ‘Contact Us’ after taking their feedback on the bottom of the answer. Or you can add a call to action in between your answers. Always add your company information in the FAQ page; it becomes easier for the customers to contact us, thus building another trust factor in the FAQ page. One can use plugins in the website design and development phase to integrate CTA (Call to Action) in their FAQ page.

Here are some of the best FAQ plug-ins for WordPress websites

  • Heroic FAQs
  • HTML5 Responsive FAQ
  • Ultimate FAQ
  • Arconix FAQ
  • WP responsive FAQ with category
  • FAQPlus
  • Fancy FAQ
  • Accordion FAQ
  • WooCommerce Product FAQ manager

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Investing efforts In Customers

Just like we have gone the extra mile to keep our product or services on the website well maintained. In the same way, we have to build our FAQ page putting the customer in mind and by thinking like a customer, we can overcome the challenges. Remember, the best FAQ page doesn’t let the visitors leave unless he takes any action. In my personal experience, I’ve noticed the FAQ page being kept on the bottom of the page, making the visitors or customers tough to search for it. And when it’s not found you cannot answer their questions which lead to loss of leads. Since the FAQ page can also rank up in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) we need to use long-tail keywords in the questions or answers. Just follow these 5 tips in order to achieve the goals.


FAQs play a vital role for companies in nearly every industry, create the FAQ page with the mindset of the potential customer and try making maximum sales of your product or services. So be creative on your FAQ page, do not hesitate to experiment with the answer you provide and try to create more and more leads as possible.

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